Founded in 1984, America’s Thrift Stores is a for-profit company that supports ministries and charities. A significant portion of our net profits are donated to local, regional, national and international family-centered ministries and charities. This funding enables these organizations to carry out their charitable works. America’s Thrift Stores pays federal, state and local taxes and receives no government funding. We provide over 1,000 jobs, as well as pay all of our operating expenses such as rent and utilities. This allows us to support the local community while providing quality products that everyone can afford.

Now Adding Stores in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, & Tennessee 

Preferred Square Footage of 27,000 – 32,000


Preferably in a Retail Center with good co-tenants (Grocery and discount retail are ideal)

Needs to be “on the way” to other strong retail (ex: Walmart)

Low crime area in a safe environment

Access to public transportation if offered

Visibility (Strong location with store / store signage highly visible)

4 – 5 parking spots per 1,000 square feet

Preferred End cap for drive up donation center